20170419_110154The train was at 11.00 pm at night, on the back of my father’s two wheeler, feeling the rhythm of the wind and carrying a sack full of ambitions , together me and my dad begun the journey in hope of a new better life but the thought that my dad will only come half way with me and the rest of it i alone have to struggle through made me shiver How can i leave without his protective shadow on me…?Don’t know why but somewhere my eyes were getting wet…is it because of the fear of being left behind ? or..is it because i m leaving the little paradise of my beloved friends whom i made in to a second family..?

i m leaving to somewhere i always wanted to but leaving behind everything that i know. i m heading to catch up my dreams in that big metro city ,chennai… their slang,culture,everything will be so different.. will i be embarrassed because of my weird appearance ? will i look cool enough for someone to like me.? will i be able to fulfill my dad’s expectations ? will i be able to repay him for everything that he has gone through to get me here..? or will i just end up in clouds…?! so many questions were drilling my head when my father shook me up….the train has come..! I will be far away from my dad, who means the world to me, my mom , who will be praying for me lying in her tiny little bed….within minutes i will be far away from them… far away from my village whose nook and corner is enveloped with my emotions….

The train horn bang…. for a moment i tightly hugged my father and prayed for a good health to god in my mind ( it will be too awkward for my father to cry in front of me if i told him that directly). i got in to the train ,searched in the darkness for my seat…i couldn’t see anything  was it because it was too dark..? or was it because my eyes were welled up with tears…? i could feel unknown stares falling on to my face…everything was a blur. i somehow adjusted in my seat and looked out of my window to bid him bye… Its hard its hard to leave someone who means everything to you… I thanked god for making me lucky enough to be born as his daughter… for letting me enter into the life of those beautiful souls..

The train started to move… Eyes wide open in that unusually chilled night , wondering about my next day in that unknown city, about my unknown friends ( if i could make any……!!) i laid there on my allotted berth. The cold breeze slowly playing with my hair strands pushing me in to the arms of morpheus….


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