EUTHANASIA: The right to die

20170409_140514The right to life is widely appreciated, but when it comes to the right to die ,it is a subject still under the clouds. Euthanasia is some what considered as a moral perversion in society but we need to realize that the right to die is safeguarded by the same constitutional rights as that of the right to freedom in article 21 of the indian constitution although it is filled with an incongruous mixture of ethical, religious and moral responsibilities. A person has the full authority of his body and life. it should be completely his choice when to die and how do die….Terminally ill people in a vegetative state or a patient who is slowly proceeding to death should definitely be given the right to end their suffering by a dignified death.

The debates in India about euthanasia gained ground with Aruna shaunbaug case, the nurse who was brutally raped and was left in a coma state at a young age for 42 years, her silent screams knocked the court doors in search of mercy, which paved way to the legalisation of passive euthanasia in India under strict regulations but active euthanasia is still a crime. The deep rooted religious beliefs in India where euthanasia was no less than considered as a sin, The legalisation was a cumbersome process.

However a person with no recovery hope who is eager to embrace death…. mercy killing gives them a chance to beat their ill fate…a last resort, an escape hatch to a person in unbearable agony…!


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