Behind the curtain:the “ex criminal tribes” of india

20161218_181241It might be just a history for the post modern society of india but for them, who are labelled as born criminals has a different story for us. in 1871 the british govt passed an act commonly  known as the criminal tribe act. under this act more than 150 tribes were labelled as the ‘hereditary criminals’.under the british rule these tribes were crushed by the police and rulers. This act provided the right to arrest these people without any warrant.

In due course of time the indian society witnessed the emergence of a new class of people who were branded as criminals. following independence, these tribes were ‘denotified’ but these communities were never been able to leave behind their ‘historic disadvantage’.Today some of them are included in the SC category and some in the ST category but still there are millions of them who doesnt even count as a backward class. These are the most unfortunate ones …because of the criminal labell that history has given to them, nobody ever accepts them…nor they are able to enjoy subsidies and reservations that govt provides.By this way the denotified community suffers ignorance from all aspects …from the govt’s side and from the society and hence even if they desperately needs an escape., they are forced to live a life of a criminal.And the  bully creatures in the indian society ,leaves no chance to exploit their weaknesses. It is difficult for these people to stake a claim to the govt because of the stigma of being labelled as ‘ex criminal tribes’.

Their past might have been in darkness but the future of their children is in our hands. We shouldnt just simply sit and dream that one day everything would be fine automatically. In a society where we raise voice against each and every single matter….. i challenge you if you have guts ,do raise for the right ones .




From 1950 we have a written constitution in india. But how much did it succeed in protecting the rights of the sexual minorities…? out of 1.3 billion people more than 2million people in india has a different kind of emotion and sexual preferences. Generally they are viewed as perverts.. but they proudly call themselves,the lesbians or gays. The lesbian rights are harder to fight for -its not considered as ‘respectable’ as joining a fight for women empowerment.

The problem itself lies within the constitution, section 377 of indian penal code, it terms homosexuality as unnatural and carries a maximum punishment of 10yrs in jail…here we should immediately check the relevance of a 150yr old law, whose founding was based on a colonial era concept of morality. The most contraditory things are the law itself violates the right to equality , and the right to have privacy. This section of the IPC has been used as an excuse to discriminate by denying their rights as an individual and as a citizen.

The problem is not only within the judiciary system, we have a bunch of abled persons sitting there,but the exact problem lies deep inside the concept of our richly cultured indian society. Even if the Supreme Court wishes to make a change there will be far more push back than support. This old mind set is questioning our nation’s founding principles..! Indian LGBT community still remains deeply conservative society where being openly a lesbian is like commiting a social suicide.Because of the discriminative nature of the people, a fear of being found out and harassed for having a different emotion develops within them. If me and you didnt choose to be attracted to the opposite sex then how can these people make a selection…!! It is as simple as that…

However the supreme court has agreed to reconsider its own stance on the matter of LGBTs…there by displaying a ray of hope that the people who were living behind the back doors of the society might be able to reveal their identities without being considered it as a crime.

That ishq wala feeling.

Screenshot_20180506-160035_1You know the tickling feeling when you like someone?like when u really reallY like them,how everytime u hear him talk…u go like “god ..I love this man,”that kind wala feeling.The kind of situation When you feel like u are trapped in a tiny dark room that u wish for an angel to come and bless you with that magic stick to solve all your problems,the happiness when you see that the God really sent one to u that kind wala feeling. At the end of the day when all u want s the warmth of his hands around u that kind Wala feeling. The level of excitement u will experience When u finally find your personal brand of heroin,that kind wala feeling.

EUTHANASIA: The right to die

20170409_140514The right to life is widely appreciated, but when it comes to the right to die ,it is a subject still under the clouds. Euthanasia is some what considered as a moral perversion in society but we need to realize that the right to die is safeguarded by the same constitutional rights as that of the right to freedom in article 21 of the indian constitution although it is filled with an incongruous mixture of ethical, religious and moral responsibilities. A person has the full authority of his body and life. it should be completely his choice when to die and how do die….Terminally ill people in a vegetative state or a patient who is slowly proceeding to death should definitely be given the right to end their suffering by a dignified death.

The debates in India about euthanasia gained ground with Aruna shaunbaug case, the nurse who was brutally raped and was left in a coma state at a young age for 42 years, her silent screams knocked the court doors in search of mercy, which paved way to the legalisation of passive euthanasia in India under strict regulations but active euthanasia is still a crime. The deep rooted religious beliefs in India where euthanasia was no less than considered as a sin, The legalisation was a cumbersome process.

However a person with no recovery hope who is eager to embrace death…. mercy killing gives them a chance to beat their ill fate…a last resort, an escape hatch to a person in unbearable agony…!


20170419_110154The train was at 11.00 pm at night, on the back of my father’s two wheeler, feeling the rhythm of the wind and carrying a sack full of ambitions , together me and my dad begun the journey in hope of a new better life but the thought that my dad will only come half way with me and the rest of it i alone have to struggle through made me shiver How can i leave without his protective shadow on me…?Don’t know why but somewhere my eyes were getting wet…is it because of the fear of being left behind ? it because i m leaving the little paradise of my beloved friends whom i made in to a second family..?

i m leaving to somewhere i always wanted to but leaving behind everything that i know. i m heading to catch up my dreams in that big metro city ,chennai… their slang,culture,everything will be so different.. will i be embarrassed because of my weird appearance ? will i look cool enough for someone to like me.? will i be able to fulfill my dad’s expectations ? will i be able to repay him for everything that he has gone through to get me here..? or will i just end up in clouds…?! so many questions were drilling my head when my father shook me up….the train has come..! I will be far away from my dad, who means the world to me, my mom , who will be praying for me lying in her tiny little bed….within minutes i will be far away from them… far away from my village whose nook and corner is enveloped with my emotions….

The train horn bang…. for a moment i tightly hugged my father and prayed for a good health to god in my mind ( it will be too awkward for my father to cry in front of me if i told him that directly). i got in to the train ,searched in the darkness for my seat…i couldn’t see anything  was it because it was too dark..? or was it because my eyes were welled up with tears…? i could feel unknown stares falling on to my face…everything was a blur. i somehow adjusted in my seat and looked out of my window to bid him bye… Its hard its hard to leave someone who means everything to you… I thanked god for making me lucky enough to be born as his daughter… for letting me enter into the life of those beautiful souls..

The train started to move… Eyes wide open in that unusually chilled night , wondering about my next day in that unknown city, about my unknown friends ( if i could make any……!!) i laid there on my allotted berth. The cold breeze slowly playing with my hair strands pushing me in to the arms of morpheus….